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Sunday, April 28, 2013

We're Still Here

Can't believe how long since I last posted, but life has kept me on the run. 
Hubby will be 86 in June and still going strong. 

We sold our house and moved 200 miles north of Houston.  Had no further reason to remain there since our family had either moved or died.  So we built a small cottage out in the boomdocks and left. Plus we're closer to our favorite casino, which we visit every couple of weeks.

This is a crazy world is it not?

Friday, April 08, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

Time is not flying, but events at our house have soured and distracted me from blogging.

You know that saying, "Bad stuff comes in threes"? Well, ours came in a thousands. Without going into much detail, we've lost a chunk of our investments. Not by anything on our part, except putting faith in those business investments being able to survive any more drainage from our government. Know what I mean? Well, one of those companies has bellied up and the other three is damn close, so our "disposable" income (like what we spend on everything not necessary to life) has been reduced.

We'll survive, but I can't help but think about all the lost jobs and those families being effected. I will not type any rants about the "progressive-socialist-commie-bastards" in the US Senate and White House, but I will say I personally know over a dozen freshly laid off, hard-working Black employees who now regret voting Democratic and OB. They may have seen the light... that skin color don't mean whip or guarantees good judgement for America and our freedoms. Higher taxes and stupid over-regulating really are job killers.



My "Babe" has been acting up and has required three separate trips to auto repair shop just in March. But she's recovered and although I ain't too happy Premium gasoline is $3.93 pg, she's eager to take off in a few days. She needs to "blow the dust from her tailpipe" and hubby is back in a good mood. He's still so funny.......^!^

Speaking of whom, doesn't go back to his dermatologist for 90 days. He's recently had some more of those nasty skin cancers removed and we both were getting tired of changing bandages every single day while they healed. This new doctor is a "chop to block", instead of "freeze-zap" the spots. So we've been having lots of bathroom moments everyday while removing and reapplying bandages. Are we the only couple that can argue over which way the tape should go?


Our one remaining brother-in-laws was diagnosed with some sort of curable blood cancer in February, and the chemo chemical administered damn near killed him! He was in ICU 18 days, and the hospital and rehab 28 days. His primary doctor told us he was only the third person in this chemical's history to have such a reaction. Now he's under the care of a different cancer doctor and will soon resume treating the cancer. Hubby sat with his sister every day at the hospital, or at least until one of their kids got off work and came to relieve him. Sister (78yrs) has already lost two husbands, and she nearly had a stroke for this one. But both are doing ok now, and hopefully the new cancer treatment will do its job and they can get back to bass fishing soon.

As for me: I've burned out our paper shredder, hired a deaf housekeeper (don't ask), fired one yard company and hired a new one that at least knows how to apply fertilizer and did great job mulching all the flower beds. My limit on 'charity' stops at the Azales, thank you.

Oh! and I've lost 12 pounds! Can actually wear size 10 jeans again, so I'm a happy vain old lady again.

I may dye my hair flaming red just to show how damn happy I really am. I'm also resigned to the fact that I'll never be a good Internet poker player....Just no good at bluffing while sipping wine.

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