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Monday, August 10, 2009

New Week-New Crap

Following a lazy Sunday, we start a new week in America with more of the same crappy news, except I know now I'm considered to be a "mobster", "shill for insurance companies", or just plain "terrorist", for objecting to Obama taking over our health-care system.

I got new "sticker shock" this morning when I called to re-order a year's supply of air filters for our A/C. I've ordered two cases since our unit has two returns from a manufacturer here in Texas, since learning they sold the best type for allergies. we do change them monthly since I smoke inside. BUT $6.17 each!
That's up from $4.28 one year ago. "But because you're a customer in good standing, we'll ship to you for FREE". Well, I guess that makes it go down a little easier, but I wonder if the price actually includes shipping? What the hay, we have to have them. So over the barrel I go.....
I have been summoned for jury duty. I have a call into the city clerk to get excused. I have a medical reason also. No, I won't say I get diarrhea when in company of lawyers and loudly fart a lot. I really do have a medical problem that prevents me from sitting for long periods in crowded spaces.

Besides, the many times I've been summoned over the years, I've never been selected to serve once they learn I was in law enforcement and have any traffic law experience. Particularly, the DWI defense lawyers.

But, if the case was trying a child molester, I would withhold that intel, and do my best to serve on that trial and convince the remaining jurists to vote "execution".

There ain't any chance that's the case here, it's our little city court, which means, "non-payment for services", "eviction notice", "noisy neighbors dog", or some minor offense.

Please call me, Miss City Clerk..........
Question: Does anyone else keep piggy banks? OK, do you also put them away somewhere and then forget where you stashed them?
Hubby is amazed to see the coffee cans of quarters and dimes that I DISCOVERED in back corner of one closet, and I can't remember when or why I stashed them there. He's busy as a little bee now. Sitting at the kitchen table with a coin book checking dates and mint marks.
I can still get him excited....wink wink.
Now I'll stop and go back to 'digging' through the clutter and wait for MISS CITY CLERK TO PHONE ME.
P.S. we got a very healthy and welcomed rain here yesterday. Hope the snakes have moved on by now. My neighbors on either side appreciated us telling them about the coral snake yardman killed. They said they would keep eye out for its mate and put out repellant too.

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