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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Tis The Season For Completing Tasks.......

The end of 2009 is nearly here and I've been busy for several days. Not Christmas shopping, because I took the simple way out by buying "Gift Cards", but with finishing up several situations so that I can think I'm starting the new year fresh. But there is always a bump in the road of my best plans.

Eight days ago some idiot driver caved in the right side of hubby pickup while it was parked in one of three crowded parking lots. Hubby didn't notice it until he was walking back at the third stop. Our insurance and $250 deductible covered the repairs and rental. He just got it back yesterday and is very pleased to be back in a full size super-cab pickup. Like me, he's happy with what's paid for and still runs great on the highway.

I've made all the peanut brittle candy that I hope to see for a year. Which leads me to report my dentist finished my implant this week. My screw now has a crown! Yea!

My medical doctor required a CAT scan of my carotids because the Ultra-sound showed 70-98% blockage on the left side....Holy Crap! All my blood was stopping up my head?? Could this be the cause of the constant ringing in left ear?!!!
NO......all is clear and certainly no blockage (Also the ear doctor tested my hearing and concluded the ringing is "tinnitus" (unknown cause or cure).)
My doctor did graded my heart murmur (leaky valve) as still low on scale of 1-10, so no change in 44 years. I do now take a cheap pill to lower cholestrol, which was 200.
One surprise test result is my lung x-rays are clear as a bell, unbelievable for a smoker!! Which makes me wonder about the techie that viewed them and send that report to my doctor. How long has he or she been reading x-rays? How long did he or she even look at my x-ray? I suspect the answer to both questions is "not very long".

Only three of our neighbors have put up outside lights and only burn them a couple of hours each night. They're the ones with little kids so I guess Santa needs the lights as a beacon. The others may be much like us, why spend on the electricity when so many in our country have no jobs? We rather donate to charity, as long as we can afford it.

I went to the 'tape/cope' store and picked up my order for transfering the first reels of super 8 film onto a DVD. The man did a excellent job of coping 40 year film and added "easy listening" music. I haven't viewed the entire DVD yet, because quite frankly, I started choking up less than five minutes into it. But I'm pleased that I got the film transferred to a longer lasting format and can store it safely in our bank box.
I'm still working through the remaining Super 8 films on my viewer machine (don't have the projector any longer) and getting them numbered to have transferred also. It's a heart-touching process also. To watch again the 'happy' days with long gone loved ones turns smiles into tears for this old softie.
But I'm determined to get it done so someday when I'm dead and buried my grandson will get to see a younger me and his daddy riding bikes, or decorating a Christmas tree, etc. etc.....Tears, drip, drip.

I'm "doing" Christmas dinner here for only three in our family. The others will be attending their other in-laws dinners. Our grown grandson is flying in from Chicago so he'll be here and sip some vodka with me. We'll be the only two that can partake of any 'spirits'.
My younger grandson has promised he will be by for a short visit, but I'm not holding my breath. We're on his short list since I told him we will NOT be buying him a vehicle for his 16th birthday next month.
He mistakeningly thought because we did for the two grown grandchildren when they turned sixteen, that it would be our 'equal duty' to do the same by him. But he must accept that was 23 years ago and autos didn't cost 10x as much as today, or that we are retired now. He'll just have to make do with borrowing his mom's SUV if needed....Once he gets his license. Growing up is a bummer for some kids.

I actually got our Christmas newsletter typed and mailed out. I had debated mailing just cards, and even though emails are easy, they aren't "keepers". And I do keep all cards. Infact, I have an album I made with Christmas cards from long dead relatives. Why? I have no idea. Something else that will wind up in the dumpster in a few years.
It's Saturday and I have no plans. Since I do have full mouth of teeth now, I may thaw a steak for supper. The weather is suppose to be sunny so I can sit out on the patio, sip wine and burn it on the grill. I love pasta, but I'm ready to tear up a chunk of Texas steer smothered in onions.
To anybody that stops by: Thanks, and stay safe.

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Anonymous said...

Write something for each of your DVD's, for history. I have pictures of people from my mom's that I have no idea who they are but I am sure would be important to someone. Take care of yourself. Yeah I am not buying that smoke thing either.

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