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Friday, January 29, 2010

I'm So Out Of Here!!

I love parties created and planned on a minute's notice. One minute you're talking weather, the next you're making reservations and locking the doors. It's usually us gals that instigate them, not the guys.

We're leaving today to meet up with four other couples for a weekend of Blackjack, seafood, and Bloody Marys (for me anyway).

I'm in a dizzy. Hubby must be entering his second childhood. He's never been a impulsive brass guy, so this flash decision has jolted me into "full alert". But I'm smiling.

Nothing long term is not on his radar today.

"But it's raining and a cold front is ahead" I whine. "That's why we have coats, now put on your shoes", he quips.

Egads, I love a man of action!

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