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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Late Saturday Nights Make Me Weird...too

First of all, am I suffering from some strange hex that after three years of learning to play poker, particularly Texas Holdem, I can't win a hand?

Four months ago I had accumulated 366,000 Chips (play money), today I have less than 25,000. Has this acquired knowledge somehow spoiled my beginners luck?

Or has the poker website I play most often, put a hex on me to either stop playing all together or pushing me to try a different poker website? I do stay for 3-4 hours some days.

Inquiring old mind wants to know.


So I read newspapers to keep in touch with the rest of the world, which sometimes links me to funny or weird stories. People are stranger then animals, except when they are behaving as clueless animals. This new civilization is sinking slowly back into muck.

I found "Markus", the first legal prositidude in Nevada, to be the latest example. He claims to be a former US Marine from Alabama by way of L.A. porn actor, and hopes women will pay him to increase their self-confidence after one hour of sex with him.

Though I could blog about how this is so wrong on so many levels, I won't waste anymore of my precious time on him. You can read it here, if so inclined. I just hope his mother doesn't hear about this.


I'm going back to reading "Poker For Dumbies"...

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