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Saturday, March 20, 2010

Come Sunday Night....?? (watch the video)

Will our U.S.Constitution and Bill of Rights be shredded history, replaced with Obama's "Deem and Pass" rule succeeding in subverting the American voices?

Barbed wire ended the era of western cowboys and free range.

"ObamaCare" will fence off more of America's freedom with her first elected Democrat Dictator.

I shudder at the thought.

I was at my mother's bedside when she died. Her eyes had been closed for days.
But when she took her last breath it was not a quiet sigh, instead it was a loud gasp. She clung on as long as she could from the pull of Death's door. She did not go through quietly. She fought for her last breath of freedom.

But I'm the only one who misses her.


It's Saturday and rain is in the forecast. I plan to do nothing productive. I'm exhausted from my week's effort of contacting each US House Representative, asking for a "NO" vote.

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