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Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St. Patricks Day............

The Irish just know how to have more fun, which is one of the reason I'm proud of the few drops of Irish blood I carry.

We got our census form yesterday. Ten questions total. Answers required for all or face $5,000 fine.
And I'm confused. See, like most Americans, I have a mixture of Irish, Dutch, English, German, and Cherokee Indian blood running through my veins.

These races aren't even listed. Skin color seems to actually matter more to our racist government then to the point of origin. But they definately want to know if I have a Hispanic, Latino, or Spanish origin. I think I remember hearing some stories about my great-great grandparents traveling into Mexico, so I could have a drop of chili peppers in my blood also.

I must decide if I'm all White. I know I'm not Black, or Asian Yellow, and I sure ain't Alaskan. I do tan in the summer, and pale pink in the winter. I seem to change with the season. I think I'll be Green today, but I may be Blue tomorrow.

I also resent their request for my actual birth year. I'm a kid at heart so I may take 50 years off that question.

And what about wanting my phone number? The Census 2010 wants my phone number? That number could change before they read our returned form. If I give them my name and address can't they call information if they need to speak to me?

I'm going back to bed and rest my brain. The bells are still ringing.

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Call Me Grandma said...

A day late and a dollar short, but I still want to extend the luck of the Irish to you! Have a good day after St. Patrick's Day!

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