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Saturday, April 03, 2010

It's Saturday and I'm still in town??

hat tip to Dudley for the link. I love patriotic music and videos.

Son-in-law was discharged from the hospital Thursday and using a walker well enough the doctors are very flattering of his progress. I think the cookies I was sending each morning with hubby helped to kick start S.I.L. legs into moving, Hubby said he smiled when he handed him the small sack each morning. He might have been running if I had put oatmeal and raisins in them?....ha ha just kidding.
Right now hubby has gone to pick up a electric recliner for SIL that will stand him up at the push of a button. Wow! That will be neat. Have never heard of such a chair. Maybe when he's through using it when all better, I can borrow it to dump my tubby butt out to go to bed at night. My recliner is old fashion manual kind that lures me to nap.
I went and got a hair cut this week at "Super Cuts". Thought I was being smart and 'conserving' cash. Well, I did do that....$15 instead of 40, but the real cost is I now look like I did when I was about a month old!!! Hubby said it looks ok, after he stopped laughing........
Hope all have a wonderful Easter Sunday. Thanks be to God!

P.S. Still drinking my ACV each day and have lost 3 lbs of fat, if I skip the honey could lose more faster?

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