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Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Catching Up In Dullsville

Where do I begin? My time has been spent, as well as some money, traveling and keeping hubby in line.

I finally flew on an airplane again. And am delighted to report I survived, though my ankles did go "blood spotty" on the flight out. Coming back the following week, I stood up and paced in place several times in 4 hours and prevented a recurrence. Proof I should walk to California next time??

Hubby and I both had to have small skin cancers removed last week. He had 4 and I had 2. We go back this week for stitches to be removed. Fortunately, mine were very small, but hubby's got two serious ones on his left arm (many stitches). We both agree, we like this new doctor.

  • Fall is here. Time to pull out long pants and stow the sandals.
  • We have rain again. We hired a new lawn care company.
  • The ringing in left ear is still driving me crazy.
  • My host at our fav casino suddenly died of heart attack. Being overweight was the killer. I send flowers. He was such a nice man of 57 years.
  • Our elusive son is divorcing wife #4 and is now sober and "clean" (we heard thru the grapevine). Still stumble-bumbling through life, still off track. Will now be 'visiting' his two children by different wives on every other weekend and certain holidays. What a screwed up mess.
  • Hubby's truck got a new water pump. He made a new friend with the shop's owner, another Navy man, who also likes Blackjack.....haha

That's it for now here in Gopher Paradise.

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