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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Knee Deep In Alligators

Or maybe I should say "gophers", since we have several homesteading in our backyard.

I've been busy Spring cleaning inside and outside by using the telephone and writing checks.

That's the hard truth about getting old and not having any strength, you either pay someone else to do it or it doesn't get done at all. In which case, it's time you move to a retirement home. We're not quite there yet, so I call, schedule, and pay younger, stronger folks to come here. Hubby has been on a high lately, overseeing the work gets his blood to pumping. His VIP/CEO brain kicks in......haha

Outside, we've lost the tree that was damaged in the hurricane, so the tree service is coming in the morning to remove it, grind the stump, and replant a replacement. Want to know what a Bradford Pear 20 feet tall costs? Would you believe $1,200!! Needless to say I opted for a shorter one, but still they ain't cheap.

Also we have a nursery company cleaning all the flower beds and re-mulching after they've re-built a couple of the "designer" beds (meaning enlarge and border with large rocks.). They use to service our lawn weekly, but got just too expensive for weekly mowing. The owner is a young man we've known a long time. He actually worked for us on his summer breaks from college, so we know his crew will do a good job. He still thinks of Hubby as a "papaw" or favorite uncle. And of course, we get a senior discount. A side note: it really ticks the gophers off I hope, to have so much activity going on out there.

Hubby and his baby brother went to the Astro/Ranger baseball game last Saturday at the Minute Maid Stadium in Houston. It was a early birthday gift to Hubby from 'little brother'. Just the two guys alone. They went to one of our best seafood/steak house for lunch before the game and ate like starved dogs....haha They didn't get home until 9 p.m. and both were dragging, totally pooped out.

We've been to our favorite casino/hotel a couple of times and fortunately, my luck is still holding. I still don't understand me and the slot machines, but they do seem to like me just enough to entice me to return or at least to cover Hubby's blackjack losses.

Our granddaughter graduated from college and we have two great-nephews graduating high school later this month. One will soon be going into the Marines and the other is going to college. Am I proud or what?

I'm still drinking wine, smoking and bitching at CNN daily, so I guess all is well with us. I've kept up with reading bloggers and some news. My "boys" are fine and take daily naps also. "Half-blind" did have a sick spell for two days that required the carpet to be professionally cleaned twice, but he's fine now. FYI: Grass vomit ain't pretty on beige Berber carpet.

Recently late one night I finally read the owner's manual that came with our DVD/VHS recorder (another hurricane replacement), and Lo and Beload! I can copy our VHS home movies to DVDs!

It's a time killer at 2 a.m. to view those old recordings of me at 27 and 115 pounds. I remember and still love those denim bell bottom hip hugger pants I once wore.....and Hubby had hair on his head! Ah, sweet memories.

more later.......maybe

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