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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Wow! Am I glad it's Sunday night

Hubby and I had a short, but sweet garage sale yesterday. We sold $200 worth of stuff and I gave away probably another 100, just to get rid of it. We closed the garage door at 2 p.m., it was already 90 degrees. What did not sell goes to Salvation Army store in the morning.

The tree was replaced within 3 hours on Thursday. They did a neat job also. I hope the gophers were frigthened by all the viberation of the stump grinder, it was sure loud.

The remaining "old tree" seems to like the younger one, it began shading it by 1 p.m.

I did steamed vegetables and chicken breasts for dinner. I added wine at my place, and I suspect I'm half smashed right now.

Hubby had a call from a old customer this afternoon and they've hatched up a weekend visit during June. This guy's wife is a darling old sweetheart. Besides being a cancer survivor, she's a bird watcher. The serious type, like going overseas to watch for certain birds. I drink, smoke, and watch Sci-fi.....what will I talk about? Hubby is so giddy about the opportunity to talk to someone his own age, who cares what us girls talk about. We'll find common ground somewhere.

more later, maybe

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