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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Illegal Sues Florida Hospital!!-click here for story

I've always assumed all hospitals treat any injured or sick in their E.R. departments, but this case goes way overboard in the care provided. So why are they being sued?

I'll watch the trial with interest, as I know all illegals in America will.

If we're doomed to National rationed Health Care, then I guess being a senior citizen I'll be at the bottom of "the list" for care. Old folks and terminal ill will be surrendered to Hospice quicker without any fanfare.

I really expect to see more and more of elderly "murder/suicides" in the news. We just had one here locally over the weekend in a nursing home for the elderly. It's rumored their money had run out and they couldn't get any charity help.

As me and millions of other Americans said when LBJ signed Medicare into law, it would join Social Secuity in bankrupting our country. Sadly, I think we were right, we just didn't take the flood of illegals into account.

A good rule to remember: Save while you are young for old age, cause your time of death may depend on it.

To those that voted (Legal & Illegal) for Obama: You're getting "change", but it won't be what you expected, so shut up and drink you kool-aid.

God please don't forsake America, open their eyes, and let real Patriot Statesmens step forward and say "Enough, stop now!". Allow our children to know freedom.

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