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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Our Mayor Phoned Today........

.........Asking all citizens to restrict their water usage.
We're a even number so we have Tue, Thur, & Saturday to water the lawn between 8 p.m. and 10 a.m.
correction: hours are 10 p.m til 8 a.m.
Those are the days our sprinkler system is already scheduled and at 4 a.m., so we're complying.
One of our neighbors, the postal worker, waters his yard, driveway, and the street at noon most Saturdays. Typical government worker. And he wonders why his grass is burning up.
It was 100 degrees today.....at noon.
Hubby has gone to watch G-gdson play baseball tonight. So I'm home alone until 9 p.m. Right now I'm sipping chilled wine and eating a bowl of pasta. My 'boys' are spread out on the kitchen tile floor to cool their bellies and snoozing. I'm sure glad we had tinted storm windows installed when we bought this house, we can keep the thermostat set at 76 and be perfectly comfortable in jeans & t-shirt.
I've been busy lately, still sorting through 'crap' stashed in closets and in the attic. All the boxes of old tax returns and receipts are going into the garage. I have located a "on-site" shredding company that will come here and shred it all up when I'm ready for them. Their fee seemed reasonable, $85. for 200 lbs. Then we just sit the bags out on trash day.
Also have a electrician scheduled for Saturday morning to replace (2 of 4) 48" florescent bulbs in the kitchen ceiling light. We have 10ft ceilings so it's out of our reach, and I'm tired of cooking with just under-cabinet puck lights.
Update: Still no tomatoes on that Topsy Turvy bag, but I did count 6 buds, so maybe we'll still get one or two before the Texas heat gets them.
Now need a refill.

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Hammer said...

We get to water every other week on one day from 10pm to 5 am and it takes a flood for them to back off the restrictions.

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