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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Title This "Crappola"

Today I went grocery shopping simply because my 'boys' were out of dry dog food, but as any woman can attest to, "you can't just buy one item and leave". I bought a head of cabbage and a package of wonton wrappers to make Chinese "beggar purses". I like to make spicy ginger chicken and think they will be a nice little side. I also found mango yogurt in large container (my favorite fruit and snack).

But for supper I made cheeseburgers with sliced avocados, not exactly diet food, but we did have sugarfree cream pie with cool whip topping. I've been steaming our meals lately. I love steamed vegetables, hubby hates it and not just because it's healthier for him. He hates food that isn't covered with cheese or gravy. HaHa

Something must be in the air. Recently we've received several phone calls from old friends that live around the country, just checking up on hubby's health. One guy called yesterday and tonight another in New Orleans called. Afterwards hubby said the guy must be in early stage of Alz because he kept repeating questions hubby had already answered. He lost his wife a few years ago and is still maintaining their huge house with only a housekeeper once a week. He still does his own yard work and keeps a vegetable garden. He's 5 years younger then hubby and just sold his "Hog" motorcycle last year (said it wasn't any fun riding alone), but he still has his big motorhome and wants us to come over and go with him to Biloxi to the Harrah's casino some time soon. He loves to shoot craps and play Blackjack. Hubby said we'd talk about it. We did and I said no. I don't want to be 500 miles from home in that old man's rig for 3 or 4 nights. If he's losing his mind, he could drive off without us! Call me crazy but that's end of story.

Speaking of losing your mind, I think I'm losing mine. I'm still busy cleaning closets and pulling out stuff that was still boxed up from our move-in ten years ago. Well lo and behold! I found another automatic revolver. We thought we had given this one to our "ex-son" when he moved to the high country with wife #4. Hubby is delighted. He got it back in the 50's, when he "took it away" from one of his brother who was hell bent one night to shoot his wife and her suspected lover and just kept it (And she was not cheating on him, she was taking dancing lessons. They stayed married, but are both dead now.). Hubby's never fired it even though it has a full clip. Might not be safe to fire anymore. I don't remember the life of ammo, but it can't be forever.

I also dug out some old albums of 78 records. 78's records have the tiny hole. And a rack of 45 records. I may try to put them on Ebay and sell them to some collector. I hate Ebay and the stupid little popups asking for permission to drop a cookie on every page you open.....Grrrrr

I also found a old tin lunch box of "ex-son" and inside were a few of his favorite action figures. G.I. Joe, I think. It's amazing at the crap I've found shoved in closets and under the bed in that one room. The closet is huge and I do remember telling my housekeeper/righthand at the time to just put it all out of sight and I would get it all sorted later......So I am.

I found some Barbie dolls unopened, still in the box that I somehow missed gift wrapping for some little girls sometime in the past or didn't get them into the donation cache for "Toys for Tots", who knows? I have mentioned I'm a packrat before I'm sure.

Right now I need a refill and some mind numbing TV. It's really been a crappy day.

more later......maybe

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