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Friday, July 03, 2009

"Freedom Wasn't Granted, It Was Won!"

There are millions of shining examples of people searching for freedom and opportunity that have stepped onto our shores.

My great-great-grandmother met and married a Irish immigrant that came to America wanting to buy and work his own farm. She was Indian and knew this land. Together through hard work they raised a large family and started my long line of industrial get'er done relatives.

I think of them when I start getting depressed and remember the hardships they had to deal with.
Bandits, wild animals, no doctor within days of them, several still-born babies, tornadoes, droughts, wild fires, floods, and food shortage. They didn't give up. They taught their five sons the 3-R's and to believe in God and his son, Jesus .

I'll be thinking of them tomorrow as I sit inside air-conditioning, eating huge bounty, and waving my little flag in the parade. Shaking hands with US Vets of different wars, how blessed I feel and will never forget;
Freedom Is Not Free, to this day!

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