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Thursday, July 02, 2009

Surprise Surprise!!!

Hubby has said that I LOOK for something to worry about, but at other times he's glad I do.

Monday I was up in the attic at 3 a.m. while it's cooler up there, sorting through stored boxes. A large area of our attic is 8 feet high, floored and overhead lights and ain't un-comfortable at all. It's quiet at that hour unless the A/C unit kicks on, then it's loud roaring like an airplane.

I sit on a old vanity stool to sort, and reminisce through boxes. We do have to climb up the folding attic ladder, but that's not difficult, unless I'm trying to carry a hot mug of coffee in one hand. Anyway.......

The water heater is located next to the opening so you walk past it to cross to the box area.

I just happened to look at the water heater connections on top as I passed. It's a 40-gal "low boy", 4 feet tall, which means I'm a bit taller. Low and Behold! one connection was gleaming WET! The pan had been wet also, but with afternoon summer heat, the water had evaporated.....for the moment.

"Houston, we have a problem!" my brain screamed in my left ear (It's constantly screaming).

Hubby got up at 7, but I waited until he had his first cup of coffee before I said, "Oh, by the way, we need a plumber to check our water heater leak."

He looked at me like I had just said, "I'm pregnant". One of those shocked "Not Possible" looks.

But he climbed the ladder, and a couple of minutes later, climbed down and said, "You're right. It's not a bad leak, but still needs attention."

Long story short: Since the heater's age is 11 years, we decided to replace it, not just repair. Giving us a better chance to avoid any future "Gore/Obama" tax. We figured it would save us $$$ in the long run.

STICKER SHOCK!!! $950 = 1 heater + labor, with 10% senior discount.

Alas, we had it replaced within 2 hours after the plumber and his helper arrived.

Lesson Learned: Check your water heater today. You might see the wisdom in preventing a expensive headache down the road.

Another call from the mayor's office. Reduce outside watering from 3 times to only twice per week.
We have a 20% chance of rain today.

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