"A Sleeping Mind Is A Dreamer"

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

I Picked At My Booger Brain...........

....and I'm exhausted. Picking my nose would produce more product.
I'm neither a poet and certainly not a "wordsmith" with any skills that merit any attention. But my mind spills over with questions seeking answers, fears seeking resolve, and lies seeking truth.

I feel very little grace anymore. My once optimistic hope for "a better tomorrow through hard work and education" is dead and buried. Freedom defenders' voices are being drowned out, and worse still, future heroes are probably being aborted at this very moment. Evil never rest.

I show even less patience with folks on the far Left. Like the typical inefficiency of our bureaucracy, they are blind to allowing freedom-loving people to "fix" their own problems. Instead they want more government involvement to control and to dictate how, where, and even when we die.

Yes, you may be correct. I am going insane. I'm watching America go down in flames, and beating my head against the wall of Socialism's arrogance, and that is turning my once sharp brain into mush.

FYI: Eating half of a chocolate cake with milk at 3 a.m. will keep you on a 1,000 calorie diet the remainder of the day.

At 3 a.m. I also sat outside and looked up at the stars and I sent my prayer for our soldiers over in the Middle East, struggling in 122 degree weather, searching to kill our enemies. I felt guilt in the 80 degrees breezy summer morning .

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