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Monday, July 13, 2009

Is Timing Even Needed?

For years I've been marking the date on certain staples that my household uses, so I can always keep a supply in storage. I guess I'm paranoid that the stores will close and I'll be caught without coffee or shampoo.

The advantage is that I can put off a couple of months before traveling to our Sam's Club for more. This morning I noticed the date I had written on a 4 lb box of salt, 12/28-2007. Wow! so little has been used. I guess that proves I probably won't live long enough to use up the extra 12 lbs. But Tide and Folgers I do keep a year's supply in stock. Why? you ask. Because the dang price won't stay the same, and as we all know......It ain't ever going back down.

In fact, the way things are going a 3lb container of coffee may end up being bartered for a cup of sugar!

I just hope I can last as long as the toilet paper stored in the attic.

There's that nasty word floating in the news again; Globalization!
The 'left'/commies are wetting their pants with excitement that they are close to getting the world under one government control ....THEIRS!
I worry that movie "1984" is considered just plain fiction to many human beings. They can't see freedom can be taken away....one tiny bit at a time. They'll go like sheep.....baaing all the way to the massive fleecing of all freedoms.

It's still hot as heck here in Houston......Dang! I miss water skiing, scuba-diving, snorkeling, and fishing from my youth summers. It's just plain boring to get old. Ranting about politics and playing slot machines are the only things that will raise my blood pressure anymore, but alas neither satisfy my mind.

At least I still have wine and a cigarette to enjoy........and both of those will probably kill me.

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