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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I Must Be VooDoo Cursed.....

You know that saying about 'bad things happen in threes"? Well, I have stopped counting and this is just Wednesday.

First; the printer crashed and I have to choose a new one with 4-in-1 features.

Second; I break out with bright red spots around both ankles. That turned out to be blood vassal interruption due to driving in a pair of Dearform slippers with arch supports that didn't support, but rather bruised my soles. That's the simple explanation, the dermatologist doc gave me a Latin term in his Viennese accent. But a $139 tube of cream two weeks later and I should be back to normal.........hahaha....Fat chance.

Third (and should have ended here); our bank failed and is now under care of FDIC. They've assured me that our service will not be interrupted. They expect it to be sold soon, but if it does close, we'll be notified with time enough to withdraw our money. No panic here.......now!

Fourth and this one is scary; Our yard man came today and did the yard, but before leaving he rang the doorbell to let us know he had 'whacked' a coral snake dead in the back yard. YIKES! Been here 11 years and other than gophers and one armadillo, we've never had a snake of any kind. He said it was the heat driving them into lawns with sprinklers. Well, Thank You Very Much, I really needed to hear that! I googled Coral snakes and found something just as scary as snakes. It seems the only US manufacturer of antivenin for any snake bites, will not have their license renewed by the EPA, so hospitals don't have any for snake bites. What the company has frozen is all that's left and the FDA gives them 'til this October to use it!!

Now I can't go outside at 3 a.m. barefoot for fear I might step on his/her mate. Plus there may be eggs laying under a bush ready to hatch!!! (AND I GAVE ALL MY COWBOY BOOTS AWAY! WHAAA) I'm near that point once again to sell this place and move into a hi-rise, at least I would only contend with pigeons on the balcony 10 stories or more.

Fifth and let us pray the last hickey for awhile; I sold my UN-Used $450 electric treadmill for $200 and now hubby is acting all sour on me. Why? Because he had someone interested in it for $300!......haha

There were a few other little hickeys TODAY ALONE, like I found the very first cockroach this morning DEAD, when I poured the new bag of dog food into the canister. (I then carefully climbed off the table top and stopped screaming.). And the CD drive stopped working when I went to play my favorite Billie Holliday CD this morning, and now doesn't work at all (had been moments before with Rod Stewart). Then when I phoned my friend in Arkansas this afternoon, we both heard other people talking on our line. And it was a foreign language other then Spanish. I checked for black helicopters outside just in case.........We did have a good laugh over that.
Weird stuff, no wonder old folks turn gray. Life has been saving up all the strange crap to pour out at once to rock our boats.

At least it's about time for a nice cold alcohol beverage. If I don't post again, you can figure I dropped dead from heartache or stepped on a snake.........

P.S. The only product for snakes anymore (Thanks EPA) is a repellent, called "Dr.T's Snake Away" and it's mostly stinky sulfur. Out at our old place around the pool fence I used a product called "Deep South Snake Kill" that did just that if they crawled over it, but can't find it now. Dang! I forgot "snakes are our friends, mustn't kill things with fangs", I'm sorry Mr. EPA.

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