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Thursday, August 06, 2009

Empty Cup = "Who didn't do the coffee?"

Hubby woke up before me this morning for change, because I didn't go to bed until 3A.M. and I need at least 4 hours of 'dead to the world' sleep. Poor man, he had to pour the water through the Bunn pot......whahaha

I've been taking care of HP computer problems this week. First it was another All-in-One printer I had to buy, only to find this computer's 'Seldom used' CD drive wouldn't read and the DVD drive wouldn't play at all. Which meant I could not install the new printer software.
And as so often happens, my once small local pc guy is no longer small and couldn't get to it for at least a week because of his work load!
Shopping around by phone, I learned 'Best Buy' will only service electronic products they carry under their warranty.......Blow them off.
'Fry Electronics' said bring it in for their FREE quick check and Repair it while-u wait service, so I did, only to be told, "We think(?)you've got a serious deep virus and will need to keep it for 2 or 3 days BEFORE we can address replacing CD and DVD drives".......Thanks but no thanks, so I drove 1/2 hour back home (one gallon gas)....dang!
I finally called another small local pc shop and he said he would order the drive overnight and needed hour to install. $62 mini labor + $30 for new "double layer duel CD/DVD drive" later and I've got new printer installed and can use new drive. So I'm happy camper again and between doing the laundry and playing Texas Hold'em, I finally crashed in wee hours.
Hubby is already gone this morning....back to the hearing aid store for a new ear plug. The little rubber ear molded plug on the left is split and they have his new one ready. He doesn't know why it split, and I'm sure not going to suggest "maybe because you fall asleep with it still in your ear nearly every night".
The weather here is still hot as hell so we're eating as much 'no-cooking required' food as possible. I love salads of all types. Our power grid is now requesting to limit electricity between 8am-7pm and to set thermostats to 80!.......Could you eat supper if your spouse was wearing nothing but underwear? Neither can hubby, so we have ours set at 77. That 3 degrees makes a world of difference to this household. I'm sure that would tick off the 'greenies' also.
On a more serious side note.
One of our nieces is in the hospital with serious infection following belly band surgery, (and yes she's obese and no her insurance wouldn't pay the $18k for it) two weeks ago. But that surgery didn't go well, they nicked the bowels and then discovered she had a hernia that was obstructing the bowels. Second surgery required and insurance will cover it. If they can get infection under control, she may go home next week. We sure hope so, her hubby is disabled and they have 5 kids including 2 they foster. Her salary is their main income.
A long time friend/former nephew is in hospital in Dallas following heart attack Saturday and now may also have a brain tumor. He just turned 60! More test are needed. You see this is perfect reason why some men are quick to leave widows, they never go for regular checkups!! He drinks, but doesn't smoke, plays golf 3 times a week, deep-sea fishing several times each year somewhere in this world, and eats his steaks blood rare, and yet never sees doctors except for stitches or broke bones! Well, he's seeing plenty now! I would kick his butt after learning this, but it's a lesson he's knows now without me saying anything.

Guess I'll go put my clothes back on, expect hubby to return soon and able to hear my sweaty thighs squeaks like old bed springs. HaHa, was a pun or a oxymoron?

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