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Friday, July 17, 2009

Obama Appoints A Communist As His "Green" Czar!

This is probably old news to everyone but me. It sure wasn't on any news outlet that I read. I think Foxnews is finally reporting on it today.

Hat Tip to The Black Spere, a Black conservative and patriot blogger that I check in on occasionally, for his 7/14/09 post about one of Obama's new Czars.

By way of Dr. Kevin "Coach" Collins, he had further intel so I could find the original article. Anthony "Van" Jones, who is the "Green Czar" for green jobs in the Obama's administration, is a admitted COMMUNIST with record of 2 ARRESTS! While being a communist is not against the law, it does say something about Obama hiring one.

Is it proof that our nation is being taken over by radicals, and at least one self-proclaimed Communist? I hope not, but one paid communist within the halls of our government is one too many in my opinion.

The San Francisco black online magazine, East Bay Express, printed a interview in November, 2005, and provided Anthony "Van" Jones' bio where he declares how he became a communist.

Jones admits to becoming a communist in August, 1992, after being released from jail. He realized after meeting other "young radicals of color" while in jail he saw his new path was communism.

Read the entire article here.

Here's how back in March, the Democrat blogger, Bob Fertik glowingly reports on Obama appointing Jones as Environmental Czar. He also mentions that Al Gore, and Nancy Pelosi, praised Jones' appointment, but of course it was not mentioned Jones being a COMMUNIST!

I'm sorry, but something's rotten and stinking in our bloated bureaucracy. Can it be cleaned up? I do not know. But I pray there are still patriots within our government that can slow this administration down and at least make sure there are background checks done on his appointees.

I'm phoning my senator and congressman again to voice my concern. I suggest you do the same if you agree this is just plain wrong.....maybe one of them will listen.

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