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Thursday, July 16, 2009

*Open The Vault, Obama!!

I'm sure everyone with a computer online has seen the birth certificate that Obama had posted on his website as proof he was eligible to run for President......until it was spotted as a phony generated on a recent computer. I questioned it also, because it does not show what hospital he was born in, or what doctor delivered him, nor was it notarized, which is referred to as a "Live Birth Certificate" and absolute proof of citizenship, regardless if mother knew who father was. That's what has raised the question and has millions now doubting his eligibility.


POTUS won't show the proof he claims is locked up that proves he is eligible to be President. No wonder there are so many lawsuits filed against him to produce it, but you don't see that on any evening TV news do you? He has held office for seven months, spending the country into bankruptcy just as fast he can, and we are still waiting for his proof? Wow, are we screwed!


* www.americansright.com/2009/07/maj-stefan-cook-and-barack-obamas.html click here or the title to read entire article.


I found it updated, and the commenter Mick's post very interesting. He gave details of why the LEGAL eligibility question has not been answered and how we, the voters, have only been told half truth.


But in the end, do any of us think we could count on this government admitting they did a sloppy background check or would take action to correct it OR more importantly any of his voters giving a damn?


I'm not holding my breath.

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