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Friday, July 10, 2009

A Picture Says A Thousand Words

Been up since 3 a.m. and reading some of today's news, which is just as crappy as yesterdays. It's really pushing my gag center again. What bothers me is;
  • After all our military sacrifices for Iraq, the killings of citizens are increasing within days of our turning over security to them.
  • Obama is foolish to trust the Russians, or think they consider him a "equal". They are racist/bigots to the tenth degree!! Any deal he brokers with them could be a 'sharp stick in the eye' of you and me.
  • China don't call their best dishes "America" (OK, that's a joke I heard on late late night cable, but it is true. China has learned how to whip us at our own game...making money.).
  • California has bankrupted its Socialist-self. Which state is next?
  • Some fool in our government has suggested we need a law that when any citizen criticizes, rants, pickets, or boycotts any action the government votes to do, "could be charged with hate speech and charged as a domestic terrorist AND be imprisoned FOREVER"! Jez Louise! Where did The Constitution and Bill Of Rights go?
  • Americans are viewed as stupid lazy sloths by those who think Communism is the best form of rule. They aren't taking into account the burden of TAXES that every citizen yet unborn is laddened with by a few hundred dumb 'Asses' in government. That's our real failing, as a whole, not being wise enough to pick Statesmen to represent us, instead voting for their skin color/looks, ability to read 'prompters' really well, or do Stand Up Comic. O.K., so we are jokes to the world now.

And finally it really bothers me that I may have to accept my vote truly does not matter, thanks to questionable election accounting. Our officials do not listen to "We, the People" anymore.

Guess I'll go find a jigsaw puzzle to work, I'm really lousy at this "typing my mind" stuff. I'm just losing hope for America to recover to her greatest pre-9/11. Just too many parasites sucking her dry.

That's my rant for the day. Later I'll take my 'boys' to be groomed and give them some R&R.

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