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Thursday, July 09, 2009

So Which Will Work, Sec. Clinton?

Meditate is to give long serious thought to something.

Mediate is to settle difference by friendly or diplomatic interventions.


"Sec. of State Hillary Clinton is calling for meditation."

I suppose that's government speak for "let's think about this awhile, we still reading your Constitution and looking for loopholes.".

Hugo Chevez is keeping mum at the moment (cooking up some kind of "VooDoo"), waiting to see if his preferred President of Honduras is restored.

Speaking of cooking, I'm baking an applesauce cake in mini-loaf pans. I plan to freeze all but one, which will help avoid hubby's sugar getting out of whack.

I bought a tiny seedless watermelon yesterday and have been munching on slices all day.
Just staying cool.

Our heat index was 110 here today and our power company is requesting limited power usage between 3 p.m. and 7 p.m to avoid black-outs due to overload on their power grid. And also to set our thermostats to 80!! That's no problem for me (thank goodness for the tinted insulated windows), but when the weather gets this hot so do tempers.

And hubby is in cranky mood tonight. The reason? Not the weather.....No, he thought his hearing aids were on the blink again. So he drives into Houston to have them checked, and the technician tells him the aids are fine.....But his ears are stopped up with ear wax! That really ticked him off for some reason. (Maybe she looked at him like he was unwashed and he's a showering-nut. Twice daily usually.) So he has to 'boil' them out daily for 2-3 days, and he ain't a happy camper right now. I tried to suggest it's not a big deal, he does wear "plugs" in each ear, so getting stopped up should be expected, but he didn't want to hear that.

When he gets like this, the best thing I can do is leave him alone. I could say he's being a butthead, but it's hot and there's really nothing more I could say that would relieve his aggravation. So I'm baking a cake in my gas oven.

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