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Monday, July 27, 2009

Week Starting Off Tired

"We" had such a good time at SIL's birthday party that I had to "sober up" an extra day before driving home..............They served me Bloody Marys almost from the moment we got there! I now think it was a plot to keep us there and it worked.

'Boys' had a stressful weekend after all, even though they stayed near me every minute. My BIL adopted two rescued "Hurricane Kristina" Labs and they scared the crap out of 'Boys' each time I took them outside. Their dogs are not mean or aggressive, just big and intimating to my two. But they survived ok. Now stretched out on the tile floor catching up on their sleep.

I think I'm broke out with Shingles. Going to doctor tomorrow to find out for sure. Went to sleep last night, woke up covered from heel to knee in millions of red spots. Hubby says I may have walked through poison ivy while walking the 'boys', but I stayed on the concrete driveway so doubt that's it. Maybe it was the vodka? Nah.....I didn't spill a drop. Maybe Chicken Pox?

Hubby enjoyed his 'non-alcohol/Blackjack' weekend too. One of the nephews has enlisted in the Navy and kept hubby engaged in conversations about WWII and his time in the Navy.

One of his hearing aid went on the blink (again) so he's going in tomorrow for a repair. He must have said "excuse me?" ten thousand times in three days.......Bless his heart.

Another little set-back was this morning when I turned this pc and printer on. My printer locked up on the scanner start up and nothing I did would stop it from making a thumping noise. I got online with a HP tech and he finally said I needed shop service. My closest service is Best Buy and talking to their "Geek Squad", he suggests it would be cheaper to replace then repair a 6 year old All-in-One. So I'm driving down to their store after I'm finished at the doctors tomorrow. What a bummer! I just bought extra ink cartridges for this one!!! And naturally, none of the new printers use this size!!!

I'm grilling tonight. I don't care if it is 95 degrees outside, I have plenty of ice cold drinks to keep me cool and I do need to 'chill out'.

P.S. Did any reader notice I didn't make one comment about politics?

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