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Thursday, July 23, 2009

This and That Again?

This has been a routine week at our house. I did drive into town (8 blks) for a hair trim, and to gas up "Babe" yesterday, 'cause we're going to Dallas for a SIL's birthday party.

We have another party to attend in early August, for other SIL, it will be her 70th! She's the one who got a 'boob' job when she turned 50. (Now everything is sagging and wrinkled, except her boobs.....haha.....bless her heart.)

Old people's birthday parties are so tame, but they always serve good eating, and hubby loves getting a big slice of 'sugar loaded' birthday cake with ice cream. I just have to watch that he doesn't get 'seconds'....haha

We may drive on over to our favorite casino while we're that close (200 mi). Hubby is doing his happy dance at the prospect. But I have a major objection.
"3/4 Blind" is almost totally blind and the stress it would cause him to be boarded one night, might just be too much for his old heart.
The place we've been leaving them up there is real nice, its just the last time when I left them, he shook like a leaf, so I haven't decided yet to subject him to that again. Even though his brother is his "seeing eye" dog around here, he's not comfortable in strange surroundings. Having pets is just like having children, they do restrict your activities.
Our son-in-law is scheduled for back surgery next month. And the doctor has already told him to plan on partial disability, meaning "your career in commercial construction will be over". He wouldn't take a inside office job so he's not a happy camper right now. Fortunately, he belongs to a national union, so he expects to be able to draw early retirement. His option to do so is not approved yet, pending the rehab, etc..etc. At least he has excellent health insurance.
Speaking of which........
I sarcastically figure hubby and I should have some trips and good times while we still can. Because IF Obama and his band of commies take over the health industry, I'm sure we'll be on the list to be professional counseled on " dying natural with just pain pills....for the good of the children". Yeah, the dirty little details of their plan are beginning to surface. I wonder how many Senators are financial invested in cemeteries, funeral parlors, and casket factories?
I also suspect all the current nursing homes will eventually be converted into clinics for the illegals since the plan will also cover them and their families. Medicaid cares for 14 million of them now without charge, but when all the WWII generation are dead and gone (including me), then the 'Demo-commies' can make them all legal Democrat citizens. Which assures the Democrats of winning all elections for decades. Then add Gore and his greenies enforcing limits on everything else.......That mental picture makes the ash heap more attractive to me even more. I wouldn't be able to stand to see our grandkids and great-grandson denied care or told to get in line for rationed care. No, I couldn't stand that.
Damn! I feel like I'm living in the Twilight Zone.
Going for a glass of wine now.........while I'm still free to indulge in any vice I choose.

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