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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Life Goes On...........

I would never have guessed that I would shed so many tears over animals as I did for 3 days.
I can't say I'm fully over the loss that I feel for giving up my 'boys', but I'm more composed today.

Those first days when I went into the kitchen to prepare a meal, there "should have been" a couple of beggars close by waiting for me to drop or toss a bit of food (I would tear up again). When I went to another room "half blind" "should have been" on my heels (I would tear up again). When I went to take a nap on the sofa, there "should have been" two sleepy dogs on the floor too (I would tear up some more). Then I had to box up or toss out pills, shampoos, brushes, rugs, pillows, toys (I cried again).

I guess I really had not realized how much a part of my life they also had become. Sure they depended on me for food and attention, but they were also completely devoted. I can't fault them for one time ever being mean by growling and hurting anyone. They were delighted when the doorbell rang and we had company. They were good traveling companions even though I joked they could read the signs to the next rest stop.

I just could not have had better pets then they were so I'll miss them. But no more pets. I'm done. My only concern and attention is to hubby. Of course, he has always been my number one "pet".

I had emailed all our family to let them know and got back kind emails, but the hardest was our grandson. I had asked his mom to have him call. I knew it would hurt him too. He had gone with us the day we picked the 'boys' out of the litter and they adored him too. He phoned me and after a couple of minutes he started sobbing. That's when my mature less cry baby side kicked in and I didn't cry but just gave him comfort and reminded him of all the wonderful memories we had with the 'boys'. That seemed to help him through it. I think it did me as well.

We donated and delivered their cage (we called it the "box") today to the housekeeper of my recently widowed sister-in-law. She pet sits for clients and really appreciated the gift.

I also received the kindest sympathy card in the mail from the vet's office. All seven of the girls that work there had signed it with short notes, as well as the vet. I cried again.

But life changes and I will adjust to our house being a little quieter. I think we're going to take off this weekend, which will also be a change. No pet boarding to worry about, no rush to get back home at a certain time. Heck, we may be gone for days!

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