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Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Sci-Fi, Fudge And Bloody Marys.....Ahhhhh

I enjoy watching certain movies over and over. Hubby might watch a entire movie a few times each year, but only if it's one he's never seen before, or has something to do with WWII or a favorite Western.

I watched "The Postman" (Kevin Costner) twice Sunday night and I watched "The Fifth Element" (Bruce Willis) twice last night. Why? Both are of different time periods in the future.

Both actors play reluctant heroes. Kevin plays a man forced to find his courage and winds up taking on the bad guy in hand to hand combat, while Bruce plays a courageous, highly decorated, former soldier recruited back into service to help save the world from a big ball of pure evil. Both find the love of their life in the end.

Isn't that how real heroes do? They don't plan their actions in life to become a hero. It just happens because they do the right thing. They make a decision, take a oath, or get pushed to the wall then they go into action.

Unlike the "John Kerrys" and "Al Gores" in our government that seek medals and honor for just putting in an appearance, there are thousands of citizens in America "doing the right thing" right now. They're Heroes and don't even know it.

Where are they, you ask? They are attending Tea Parties, and attending Town Hall meetings in their communities. They're facing the flaming liberal media cameras and doing the right thing. Questioning the elected and preparing to take back freedoms they see being made unlawful by those power hogs in Washington D.C.

They carry signs, not guns. They use words, not fists. They strive to save our country one person at a time by speaking the truth and in the process teach the uninformed, and youth that this country was founded not on Hope, but with courage. Something so many have forgotten they had, or never knew it existed, deep inside their hearts.

I'm waiting for a reluctant hero to step up and throw their hat into the ring of candidates to restore our country. A person not 'groomed' to speak "spin", but the straight honest truth. A man or woman of any race or color, doesn't matter, who is neither a Communist, drunk, druggie, nor unfaithful, who will honor our Constitution and Bill of Rights, and doesn't see more government control, but less.

But I guess until he or she emerges, I'll stick to my dreaming, hence this title; Sci-Fi, fudge, and cold Bloody Marys.

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