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Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Life's Little Twists and Turns.....

I'm holding my own on no political ranting. I'm still sorting the very large closet of assorted stored and forgotten 'stuff'. Nothing of great value has been discovered, just old memories and lots for garage sale junk/Salvation Army box. Tubes of dried up paints, assorted craft supplies dry rotting. I did find a "N" gauge train set my dad gave me several years ago when I was doing miniatures. I had planned to install it on a large board and build a community around it, but alas like the other past time hobbies, it got lost in the move ELEVEN YEARS AGO!

We did spent another weekend at our favorite casino/hotel and hubby had a great time. I was bored 'stupid' being alone at the slots, so I spent considerable time up in our room sleeping and finishing a book I had started that week. Hubby actually stays awake later when up there then here at home. He enjoys going back downstairs to the tables at 3 or 4 a.m. when all is quiet, plus he doesn't even consider taking afternoon nap. Such a party animal!!.......haha

I'm now in possession of my first, and hopefully only, dental implant. I'm really screwed now!! Pun aside, in a few short weeks a new tooth will be attached and I'll have my lower right jaw helping to grind dead cow once more. Had I not been such a big chicken I would have had it done immediately after they pulled my tooth.
Believe it or not, the process only took a hour, hardly a drop of blood, and I only needed one pain pill after the feeling came back that night. My jaw was sore to the touch for couple of days, but no pain at all now. Once the bone grows more solidly around it, the stronger it will be.
I'm glad we have dental insurance, otherwise this would be a luxury for this old retired girl.

The other recent event is our son-in-law (SIL) had major back surgery last week and is now out of the hospital. He's home recouping with help of a walker and hubby is day-sitting him. My step-daughter is back to work today and is much relieved that hubby is there keeping him company incase he had accident/fall. Fortunately, they have ESPN (?) all day sports TV channel so both guys will be entertained.
This has become a retirement tradition, hubby "day-sitting a recouping relative". And that's fine, it's giving him something constructive to do and keeping him from doing anything that could get him hurt, like falling off a ladder, or cutting himself with his pocket knife, etc. etc.
Additional side note, SIL will now be out of his old job and will be what he calls "pencil pushing desk jockey", which he hates. Hubby is going to be bedside therapist too, I'm sure. SIL's been a traveling field supervisor most of his adult life, on the go every day to different sites, no boredom there, but now those days are over. Plus he still has hip surgery to face, but hopes that can be put off couple more years. He's such a macho manic and is just now beginning to drown in a pool of self-pity realizing all the other changes this will have on his life. No more hunting, No more four-wheeler, No more ditch jumping jeep, etc. etc.
One of my cousins was married to a similar male and five years after trying to adjust to "life after back surgery", he went into the bathroom one day and blew his brains out. The note he left for her said "I'm sorry. I can't live like this any longer. Love _ _ _." Is that not a selfish man! His damn guns, hunting lodge, and his four wheeler meant more then his wife and family. Jez! But she sold the guns and four wheeler for enough to pay for his funeral so there's a weird poetic justice somewhere in that.

It's time for more coffee and watching some local morning news.

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