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Friday, January 08, 2010

40% Complancency + 40% Dependency + 20% Constutitionalists Equals?

A 100% Diluted and Bankrupt America.
(My Rant For The Day)

Cliques or metaphors won't change the outcome. Obama has sold "the family farm" and has left us bills for those 'Get Rich Quick' schemes he drought us into, like on late night television informericals, called "stimulus packages". He can not blame G.W. Bush any longer for this tragic mess.
A famous carnival promoter once said, "There's a sucker born every minute", and boy, has America got millions of them living and breeding today! "Slick Willie" (Bill Clinton) was a country bumpkin compared to this "Chicago Organizer and his mob".
As depressed as some would like to think Al Gore is during this freezing weather, I'm sure he and all the Obama administration are celebrating the coming-out party for the New America within weeks. Health-Care will pass and be signed into law, then " Cap and Trade" will also, and then our puny "Dollar" will go down the toilet. Depressing thought isn't it? Yes, but that's facts for you. You can spin or twist truth with a few select words, but facts remain facts. Period.
The hand full of clear adult voices that can be heard above the Liberal/Socialistic cheering are only a few raspy protesters. Surrender isn't in their vocabulary, but they will eventually be defeated. There are just too few of them. They have no power except 'a single vote' every few years, or a few hours of air time. The "Tea Bag" parties have folded up their signs and gone back inside to watch T.V. Couldn't take the Liberal rude insults any longer.
Marshall Law will have to be declared to bring order to the rioting mobs as realization of their bondage sets in. Especially for those who thought the Constitution and Bill of Rights were still the "law of the land" and trumped any infringement. A shocked look, or "deer in headlights" fear comes to my mind.
Some want to spree "Hope and Dreamscapes", paint rosy pictures of returning to our once "Days of Glory", but facts say different. Adults have tried to stand up and shout the truth, "THERE IS NOTHING FREE! WE CAN'T AFFORD THIS! THE PRICE WILL BE OUR FREEDOM FOR GENERATIONS!".
Too late. No one listens. Too small a voice to protest. Everyone has gone to see that new 3-D movie or are inside playing Wii games, or even worse yet, simply died of old age.
The new motto will soon be:

Now have a nice weekend. Don't blame this old lady for 'raining on your parade'. It's a bitter lesson to learn that "ignorance is NOT bliss".
Feel free to talk about this among yourselves..

We're dining on Texas chili and corn bread tonight.

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