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Monday, January 04, 2010

Survival Is Best Done Slightly Numb.........

Today is my youngest grandson's 16th birthday. Where did the years go?

Oh, yeah, I remember now, they flew through while I wasn't looking. His voice has changed, but he is still a grungy dresser with long hair over his eyes. Skateboarding dress code. Yuck. Guess maturity will come when he goes bald. I mailed him a birthday card w/gift card, so am not expecting he'll visit.

We have a nice time being away from home, though I ate way too much. Guess my 2010 resolution won't change this year either......Lose 5 pounds! Hubby complained most of the time that his feet were hurting so I gave him foot rubs after each shower with "Blue Stuff". It works really good on my thumbs when they ache.
The casino sent me more slot coupons in the mail, including this time one to reimburse gasoline. They're trying everything to draw folks back inside. The Blackjack tables were not as kind to hubby as in the past, but the slots I play made up for him, and not enough at any one time that requires IRS receipt. So it was a cheap trip costing about $50 for tips. Oh Boo Hoo, Mr. Casino Man....^!^

Hubby is back to reading all day (I think he's ticked off at any Blackjack right now). He's cut through a Hemmingway, and is now on Herman Wouk's "Winds of War"-vol 1. I wish now I hadn't donated so many of my hardbacks away when we moved here 11 yrs ago. He'll need to get a library card when he finishes the books I did keep. Which are only about 2 dozen classics(a year's worth of reading, at this rate).

It's cold but sunny here today. I wonder where Al Gore is keeping his fat rear warm today?

I'm doing laundry so I hug the clothes dryer occasionally.

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Anonymous said...

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