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Saturday, January 16, 2010

A Place Remembered.........

I am not or ever will be as handy with digital cameras as some, but I did finally get four months of photos downloaded or is it uploaded?

At any rate, this is the place setting at our table in honor of our US soldiers far from home this past holiday. I don't set a formal table anymore. We're casual in our old age, but at least the plates all match.

The flag draped across the chair was made by a elderly lady member of the USS Houston Survivors Association. So it too has a special place in my "Patriots' room", in memory of hubby's brother who was on the Houston when she went down.

The Red table scarf was the last gift I received from my girl friend who unexpectedly died five years ago. So I was remembering her as well that day.

I was surprised that there were quite a few photos waiting for me to get off the camera. Some I trashed right away. How my finger gets in the way of the lens, I'll never know............

Maybe I'll post some more of my photos later.

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Buzz Creek said...

God Bless. USS Houston Remembered. www.usshouston.org.

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