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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

A Step Down To Self Destruction?

Why am I not surprised?
Our government paid (meaning you, the taxpayer) for this study (here) to prove what any person born before 1950 could have told you for free:
"Tattoos are just a symbol of deviant thought/behavior."
Wow! Revelation!
Being a rebellious teenager is a condition that can be 'out grown'/overcome sometimes with education or experience, but a tattoo is a permanent reminder just how bratty you were at some point. Look at the bratty moms that have their baby girls' ears pierced at the earliest opportunity. Why? It's not even their own body they're having pierced. Could this be early child abuse? I wonder. Don't get me started on tongue screws, brow/nose rings......
I don't have colorful tattoos, but I have scars that depict periods of my life that remind me who I was or what I did. The ones on my heart and soul don't show. Which is good, tattoos are revealing, even announcing something about yourself that you can't retract easily.
Hubby doesn't have any tattoos either, but his reason was as a young sailor in WWII, were his Baptist religious beliefs. Like me also, he has colorless scars that remind him of different times in his life. A lot of young military got tattoos on their shoulder of their branch of service, or if they were drunk enough, the name of the female they were dating or married to at the time. How many have been burned off over the years, I wonder?
I had two fellow cop friends that were required to wear long sleeve uniforms year 'round, due to the multiple tattoos (not comfortable to do in Texas humidity). They both said they regretted being so stupid as young studs. A sweaty reminder too.
Another friend, who is in his sixties and an employee with a very expensive auto import, also has to wear long sleeves at all times while on the job. Imagine my shock, when he brought his wife to one of our BBQs, wearing a tank top and shorts! His arms and legs looked awful! Age had distorted the images into yucky smeared stains.
Now where do I submit my bill for this educational article?

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