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Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Yes, Judy, There is a Mother Nature....

.....and Al Gore and his zombies have really ticked her off this year.

Last night was most likely the last night of deep freeze for this winter season, here in Houston. Now "Mother Nature" is bringing rain tomorrow. Which is how 'she' does her job each year. Freeze cold kills off, rain washes it away, sunshine warms up any seeds and then Spring blooms. Happens every year like clock work....1,2,3,4 seasons, then repeat, year after year.

Hubby drove over to a local sprinkler supply store and bought the kit to repair the backflow valve. Had it back in service within 15 minutes. Could have ordered the kit Online and the price was about $25 plus S&H, but pick up in the store immediately, it cost total $71.75. "Supply and Demand" at her best, wouldn't you say?

Then just to add more spice to our day: Hubby had another 'fender bender', but this time the man that hit his truck stopped and gave hubby his insurance info. What's so ironic? Same side of truck. The damage appears to be very minor compared to the last one.
I can't turn any more gray-haired worrying about him when he's out driving, but again this happened 10 blocks from our house in a different parking lot!!

I'm going out today. Have been doctoring myself with "Zicam" for drippy nose and slight fever for past two days. I think I caught it just in time to prevent a real crappy cold taking hold. I filled up on pasta and wine last night, so am feeling husky this morning.

I have banking and shopping to do today.......before the weather turns wet. Plus I'm now including a trip to my Sam's Club to buy more toilet tissue, coffee, detergent, etc to stockup. Just heard that there will be TEN Sam's Club stores closing in our area. Another sign of the times or more squeezing the public's options?? Yes, I think they did over build, but this also means hundreds of folks will lose their jobs. Not good.

My girlfriend in Dallas called to announce she had won $$$$ at our favorite casino....on the slot I had recently feed a few dollars. At least we're keeping it within our group. She also said the chef must have quit or fired since we were there, 'cause the food was g-d awful and they only ate one meal there. I'm sorry to hear that, because the steaks have always been hubby's favorite.

Is it a sign of the times? Quality and quantity is less in this new Obama economy? I've noticed items I purchase at the grocer are smaller in size, or less in the package, yet the price has increased.
For instances, I keep sliced bread in a Tupperware Loaf Canister. In the past a new loaf completely filled it to the cap, not any longer. Now there is 3-4 slice less space in a full package. What next? Pigeon eggs instead of chicken eggs?......Once more I'm blaming it on Obama and the Dumocrats. Gypping the public seems to be their usual plan.

Precious metals are in high demand right now too. Gold, silver and lead particularly, but beer and soda cans are being recycled into new 'green' automobiles............Bahhaha

And some good news is Sarah Palin is taking a job with Fox News. I'm thinking she will become the next "Oprah" super star, but instead of dieting to lose lard butt, she can highlight raising a child with "Downs Syndrome" or how to tenderize or roast rude, crude Dumocrats.

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