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Sunday, January 10, 2010

When Will I Be Surprised.....Ever?

I have mentioned to folks for years that on or close to my birthday, no matter where I am, the weather will turn from sunny to rain, snow, sleet, windstorm, hail, or hot sticky humidity.

With that, sometimes, also comes muddy boots tracking up the floor, slippery falls, bad hair day, or busted pipes.

It's an omen I suspect since I came into this world kicking and screaming feet first. The "heavens" remind me every twelve months what a 'little pistol' I was on that stormy night in California. I certainly appreciate the other 364 days being blamed on the rest of you...Ha Ha

Still freezing weather here, no surprise, and we're secure....wrong! I'm dressed snugly and hubby leaves after lunch to drive 40 miles to watch our great-grandson's very first basketball practice game(aka: little boys floundering around without a clue what they're doing).

I had a trip to nail parlor planned, but no, that birthday thingy just had to get me.

I had my coat on and picking up my bag when I heard water running outside the wall. I rush outside.

Sure enough a two inch stream of water was shooting up the wall about seven feet.....the top of the sprinkler system back-flow valve had frozen up and blown off. Oh Joy!

I got soaked shutting it off of course, so I blew off going for painted fingers and toes. Another hot shower and dry warm clothes was on my mind.

When Hubby got home at 5 o'clock, he said I did good, so he took me to Chili's for shrimp and a tall ice cold cocktail to celebrate that I can still laugh and tell him some of the jokes I read all afternoon.

I need to call great-grandson tomorrow and praise him on a good game (disregarding he was off the bench for only one 6 minute period, and then never once held the ball!). I'm not the die-hard sports fan that hubby is, I might attend once he's had 4 or 5 years practice.

I don't much care to watch any live contact sport. Broken bones, knocked out teeth, elbow in the face, etc. etc. Hockey and boxing are the worst. I spent 12 years sitting on hard bleachers, in smelly gyms, or in the rain, cold, or blazing sun, watching my son either practicing or playing some kind of ball game.
I do like baseball, and target shooting, drag races, snow skiing, chess, checkers, and now poker. More crafty skill needed than clipping, clubbing, crushing, scratching, gouging, etc etc.

I'm just a tender hearted old gal and besides it was my birthday.

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