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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chocolate Is My Soul's Food

When the urge hits me to "shake and rattle those pans", I usually bake something. Hubby will eat whatever it is and with few exceptions, to the last crumb that I place on his plate.
My problem (weakness) is chocolate. I have no will power whether it's candy, pie, cake, cookies, Hell! I love chocolate gravy over biscuits. It's not sweet like pudding though, it's sharp bitter chocolate. My ex said I was weird for eating "pudding" on bread, but he never tasted it, so who is really weird?
So guess what I usually receive on Valentine's Day? Yeah, a box of chocolate candy and I sacrifice myself by eating 99% of it.
It's raining and about 40 degrees today. I have short ribs and baked beans in the oven. We have friends driving into town later and I've told them to come hungry. They can share in what's left of the chocolate cake too. ^!^
I keep a bottle of vodka in the freezer. I need a "Chevy" Bloody Mary every few days just to remind myself I'm still circulating blood through these veins. It's also good with popcorn and a movie on a cold winter's night.

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