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Friday, February 12, 2010

"Glen Beck Is Not A Rush Limbaugh"

I wasn't surprised when Sarah Palin appeared last Saturday at a rally for Texas Gov. Rick Perry. She was probably paid, I read she got $100,000 to speak at the TeaParty convention last week. She's not 'free' to endorse a candidate, I guess. And that's her right to make as much as she can while the public is interested in what she thinks.
But imagine my surprise when I received a "private number" phone call last night with the announcement that Glen Beck supports and endorses Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison for governor of Texas over Gov. Rick Perry, "who only does 'good things' when running for re-election".
Then there's the phone interview he had with Debra Medina, the third Republican candidate for Texas governor, and his questioning her about being a "9/11 Truther"? She laugh it off, but he pressed her on it, then she tried to "spin and straddle the fence" saying there were questions still unanswered. After they hung up, Glen and his 'side-kick' had a laugh and questioned if she is or not a truther.
I wonder how much he's being PAID by Hutchison for his support?
Kay wants to move back to Texas. She needs to stop that hard grind of flying between Dallas (where she and hubby own a home, and he practices law) and Washington D.C.. She has two adopted babies to raise also. I believe she should do that.
I can take listening to Bill O'Reilly on TV, and Rush, on radio, but Beck strikes me as a bit of a show off. HE thinks he's funny. I don't, but my sense of humor leans more to parody or better clowns.

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