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Friday, February 26, 2010

Load Is Lightened..........

Hubby sold all, but one of our guns and rifles, plus 1200 rounds. I regret selling "Hoss", the Winchester 1200, but what do old couple in senior retirement need with a shotgun?
I don't think the buyer even cared that much for some of the firearms, but hubby said it had to be a "package deal", so the man wrote the check.
Here's photos of a couple that now have a new home, at least for awhile. I figure this man will destroy a couple if he don't find a collector. He's a dealer/collector. He was slobbering over the Browning 22cal complete and still in org box. I have a photo somewhere but can't find where I filed it on this dang pc.

This is "Hoss":

The German 25cal revolver particularly. The only redeeming quality for it is it's the same make and model that Hilter used to kill himself with. Hubby owned it for 51 years and never fired it. Just cleaned and oiled it about once every ten years, or sooner if he remembered where he hid it.

I kept my "Intruder Shooter", plus 50 rounds (in case he brought friends). When (?) we do move I'll donate it to one of the guys in our family (who won't pawn it). Until then it's on duty every day.

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