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Tuesday, March 02, 2010

I'm Thinking Of Moving Into A Casino...........

We slipped out of town Friday morning after early voting and went up towards Dallas to my BIL's little ranch. It's way out in the country with mooing cows and soaring buzzards, very peaceful. Plus our cell phones are in a dead zone there. Saturday some friends came by for lunch, and everyone voted to drive to Bossier City LA for a few hours of gambling. So off we all go, gals in one car, guys in another.

The guys did tables and the gals did slots, but the gals wore me out going to four different casinos. We all got rooms comped for the night and drove back Sunday right after lunch. Another night gabbing and eating and finally crashing about midnight. I actually remembered a couple of jokes through to the punch lines to add to the gaiety.

Hubby and I left for home Monday around 10am. We stopped for BBQ and shared a (huge) bowl of peach cobbler at lunch and then as we got closer to home we stopped at the Outlet Mall so I could shop for new shoes. We finally got home at 5pm. had soup for supper, showered, and hit the sack.

Then this morning we started returning voice malls and emails. Bad news was waiting for us.

My only aunt died Saturday in Arkansas. She was the last of that family generation. Another BIL has prostate cancer and will start radiation next week. A friend over in New Orleans grandson had a accident and has serious head injury, their family is freaking out naturally, and etc, etc.

I'm sending flowers to aunt's funeral, because we already have another commitment that we must keep that morning. Our prayers offered to BIL and friend's grandson.

But now I'm totally stressed out. The world caught up with me.

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