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Sunday, February 07, 2010

My How Things Have Changed........

This is just an example of 99.9% of what is now our "Traders Village". Imported crap and Mexicans walking around by the hundreds. A name change is definitely warranted.
I saw dozens of stands with nothing else for sale except ball caps, or sunglasses, or cell phone pouches. With Mexican music blaring, we could have been walking through a market in Yucatan Mexico.
Gone are the local artists and craftsmen. Only one shop making handcrafted signs with router. Gone also was the elderly beekeeper selling local honey, and the church ladies selling beautiful quilts and embroidery pieces.
Hubby reminded me the last time we had been there was 1992.......18 years ago!
Oh, yeah, the dog sellers were there, but $1,700 for an American Bulldog puppy!!!! I could have been on Mars, not in the USA with 9.7% unemployment. There were cheaper puppies, of course, but $300 for one breed that looked sickly? I think not.
But at least we got a good walk and had a nice lunch at Jason's Deli.
I watched Sarah Palin speak at the Teabaggers Convention last night. As much as I had been impressed with her 18 months ago, I'm sad to say that she should not be considered their inspiring leader. Her answers in the Q&A after her speech were very telling of her trying to spin in the center. Particularly her support of the new Senator, Scott Brown, a pro-choice Republican, and her agreeing to allow open homosexuals to serve in the military. I don't agree with either of those positions, but I agree with her on reducing government size by eliminating some of the bureaucracies that clog up fast tracking energy supplies and hinder small businesses.
I would have also added eliminating the NEA 100%, and reduce the size of the EPA (putting bugs. birds,or fish before human survival and enterprises is stupid) to just doing the job of keeping our air and water supply clean. Does anyone know how many years and Billions $$$ have been spent to cleaning up Toxic Waste Sites that 'still exist'?
She did mention a couple of "reforms" that could aid in getting health care to all Americans, but I think she was reading script and doesn't understand that "to allow insurance companies to sell across state lines" is stepping on states' rights to regulate insurance sold in each state, and we know 50 governments will never agree to change and give up that right. And Tort Reform is a pipe dream with 99.9% of all lawyers against.
But she excited her fans to stand and cheer, and believe they got their $300's worth just to be in the same room with her, I guess. Sorry, but it sort of reminded me of that sick puppy for $300 I saw earlier in the day.

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