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Friday, February 05, 2010

"When The Urge Hits.....Just Do It"

I love all my "Pampered Chef" gadgets, but this is my favorite. I can bake a apple pie in 90 minutes if I use the rolled pie dough. But half the fun it peeling the apples. This little gadget peels, cores, and slices with a few turns of the crank.

I can make and bake a pie, eat a nice slab, store the remaining in freezer, load dishwasher all inside two hours, and all the while hubby is sleeping and resting his sugar level.

And you thought I just sit around at night playing poker on this computer........^!^

We're due for a nice sunny springlike weekend and I think we're going to visit "Trader's Village" tomorrow. It's a Texas size flea market, and also where I bought my first Boston Terrier, "Mr.Muggs", many years ago.

So yes, I'm curious to see if that breeder/seller still has a shop there. Making no promises, but I do feel the need to cuddle a puppy. Maybe that's a old lady's Spring Fever symptom?

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