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Monday, March 08, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away..........

I can hear every drop..........Went to the hearing aid shop this morning. Am now wearing (on loan for two weeks) a pair of Very Very Very expensive aids ($6,200.oo + tax) that are atoned to the ringing in my left ear (tinnitus) and both are picking up every sound within one foot. Like my typing these keys sounds like teeth chatting!!!

The tech said it will take my brain a few days to become accustom to the change and I should be sleeping much better without needing the TV to be on all night.

Hubby is hopeful, I'm skeptical.

That tech don't know my brain, do he? But we'll see and give it a fair shot, so no vodka or wine for two weeks.

(I may have to set up a pay-pal account and ask for charity since Medicare doesn't cover hearing aids)...^!^

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