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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust....Thanks Walmart.

(Our newest USA bill)

Our oldest local grocer/drug store has closed down. We've been shopping and getting prescriptions from them since 1972, when we moved to this area.

They just couldn't compete against big chains like, H.E.B., Krogers, and Super Wal-mart any longer. Most of the employees are retiring, particularly the butcher and baker. Dang!! Where we will get fresh-cut meat now? I do not know.
I have moved our prescriptions to the store that our druggist has gone to work. Amazingly, when I checked prices, they're $40 per month cheaper, so some good will benefit us on that change. But....

....I have to learn where groceries are located on shelves and aisles in a new store. Dang!
So first store: I was stopping employees to ask, "where's your bread?", "where would I find rice and pasta?", etc. I was flip flopping aisles pushing a cheap "Made in China" shopping cart until in frustration I checked out and came home with half my list complete.

Guess I'll shop a different store and see how they're laid out. Men designed these aisles, I'm sure. Any woman would stock bread and milk closer to the front door, rather then fresh vegetables, right? Why put milk on the rear wall, but eggs, cheese, and butter on the other side of dang store? Another clue that men designed that store, beer was near the front door.

FYI: Old people don't adjust to change very well that requires wasteful walking. I need a road map of that place!
It's overcast today, and I have one green tomatoe....Whoopie!

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