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Friday, April 30, 2010

Blowback Ain't Pretty.

I'm a pretty laid back old lady most of the time. Politics and this current government is about all that gets my juices flowing. But when hubby came home yesterday afternoon, his "tone" offended me and I ripped it.
See we're both pretty easy going with others and especially with each other. But I will take the blame for throwing a "hissy fit" and nearly putting him in shock. What triggered me was something he said in a (pitiful tone) about our SIL who said he's worried about the social security he hopes to receive when he starts drawing it.......IN FIVE YEARS!
I don't know why that ticked me off. Maybe because at 60 years of age is sort of late in life to begin worrying about your retirement, you reckon?
Me so Bad (as the youth of today says).
I forget sometimes that most people are totally ignorant on most anything to do with their government or ramifications of laws that Congress passes. Unless it directly effects them immediately, their only interest is; "what's for supper?" and "what's on prime time tonight?". Forget suggesting to a young person to start a retirement IRA account. They look at you like you're a nutty old lady, who knows beans about finances.
Anyway, I drank some wine and ate some pasta and got mellow. In today's weird world that's the easiest way to handle some of these evening chats.
Later Hubby said I'm spending far too much time alone and need a break from this computer and any political news. I'm thinking a trip to a casino is coming up soon......or maybe I need to find a local daytime friend that will take me out to the movies and get me out of this damn house more often!

A woman can only go to the nail shop or hair stylist so often before people start to gossip. Do old women just sit around watching Oprah or soap operas all day? I'm so totally bored with being retired.

~~~~~~End of Rant~~~~~~

Back to the computer, maybe I'll do puzzles for awhile.

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