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Friday, April 30, 2010

Hallelujah! Derby Tomorrow!!

(photo: "Barbano", winner 2006)

Hubby loves me. How do I know? 'Cause he'll watch horse races with me on TV.
How much he loves me is reflective by the fact he won't go and watch at the track. But I won't complain because........

.......tomorrow I'll have eye-candy watching these fine fine animals race like Hell. If I can pick the winner, I'm thinking filly, "Devil May Care".

Yes, I know "Lookin' At Lucky" is the favorite 3-1, but I feel "Devil May Care" is more in keeping with current political events that even at 10-1 odds, she could win. This is like hell on earth isn't it?
I also like "Backtalk" 50-1 to at least place. Reason? He's the son of 2004 winner, "Smarty Jones".

I'm just glad there's not one named "Hope and Change" running, 'cause when it won't provide proper papers, would be scratched.

Here's the entries in post-position w/odds: Inside gate #1, Lookin At Lucky, 3-1; Ice Box, 10-1; Noble's Promise, 12-1; Super Saver, 15-1; Line of David, 30-1; Stately Victor, 30-1; American Lion, 30-1; Dean's Kitten, 50-1; Make Music for Me, 50-1; Paddy O'Prado, 20-1; Devil May Care, 10-1; Conveyance, 12-1; Jackson Bend, 15-1; Mission Impazible, 20-1; Discreetly Mine, 30-1; Awesome Act, 10-1; Dublin, 12-1; Backtalk, 50-1; Homeboykris, 50-1; and outside gate #20 is Sidney's Candy, 5-1.

Which one would you bet $2 on?

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