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Saturday, May 15, 2010

Any Suggestions?....

We're going to have our Great-Grandson for a couple of weeks this summer and I'm thinking we'll take a road trip with him to visit the Grand Canyon in Arizona. But what else is there for two old people and a kid, to see and visit in Arizona?

We both agree spending vacation cash in Arizona this year would show our support in a small way of the recent law (SB1070) that Gov. Jan Brewer signed. Unlike the Liberals that choose to boycott, we plan to "buycott" and have fun at the same time.

Hubby and I prefer as little walking as possible, so hiking is absolutely out. If we were younger staying at a "Dude Ranch" for a week would be fun, but instead I'm thinking just some sort of day tours might work. The mule ride down to the bottom of the Grand Canyon certainly wouldn't work either.
G-Gson asks only to have "swimming, pizza and fried chicken" available every day, so he'll be easy to please. Most hotels/motels have nice pools.

I know our couple of dollars spent won't have much impact, but if a few million more vacationers did the same, it might. I suspect there will be some real vacation deals this summer since some of other States' democrat/liberal cities have cancelled their "out of town conventions" that were scheduled to be held in Arizona....like San Francisco, and Los Angeles.

Guess I'll just Google for more ideas.
This will be a stormy weekend here in Houston. Last night within about 2 hours we got 3" of hard blowing rain. I guess AT&T trunk lines got soaked 'cause my DSL service was struggling to stay afloat, which diverted me from playing online poker to watching DVDs and eating a slice of (my attempted effort) Mom's chocolate cream pie. Today is promising to be more of the same....rain that is.

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