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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

So Much For My Idea.........

Seems my idea to visit Arizona has been shot down.

Our granddaughter has mentioned the RV trip (27 years ago) to "SilverDollar City", in Branson MO, that we all went on, when she was only 4 yrs old, to our great-grandson so often that he wants to go there instead of the Grand Canyon. That was her first trip out of Texas also.

So guess I'll be touring the hills and caves of Missouri soon, which is ok.
I've visited Branson many times over 50 years, when it's only attraction was "Marvel Cave", a catfish restaurant, and a tiny hamlet in the hills. It has evolved into a mega-million dollar sprawling entertainment center now, with traffic jams, long waiting lines, and visitors from around the world. Sort of a Middle America Las Vegas without gambling.

My last trip was about 7 years ago when I took my younger grandson and the 'boys' to Branson and we had a great time. In fact, the tour down into "Marvel Cave" was the highlight for him also. If you like caves, it's a great one, and it gives kids the chance to experience perhaps a life changing adventure.

My only question is; How will hubby fare? There is a lot of walking and stair stepping on that tour.
And just between you and me, privately my other question, how will I fare traveling with him and GGson for a week or two?

I tend to be a planner, I like to map out, schedule, and make reservations. Hubby, on the other hand, is a lazy traveler. He tends to just stop at first restaurant when he's hungry, or first hotel/motel when he's tired.
This is my point of friction when traveling with him. Sparks have flown before when he and I took RV trips, and it bugged him when I proved to be correct about stopping for gas before tank registered one quarter left. Imagine a very large RV, hot humid summer day, no gas, no power for A/C and fortunately, no guns, but dagger looks did fly that day, while waiting for Triple A to bring gasoline.

But I think I will really try to be like him and just go with the flow. I will remind myself this may be the last vacation trip for him with his only great-grandson and the memories made shall be good ones.

So no testy sarcastic verbiage from me if we get lost or can't find a room for the night. They will be the "men of hour" so I will just keep my camera handy, and besides I'm the driver.

Now that sounds like the 'ticket'!
(Did I just say that? Must of been thinking of buying tickets online. Now stop that, Chevy!)

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