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Monday, May 24, 2010

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly......

The Good is it's Monday. The Bad is the overhead garage door's spring broke this morning when hubby closed it after putting the trash on the curb. The Ugly is the man is here to repair it for $260.00. So two hours total time from phone call to job completed. Not bad.

Well, it could have been worse. It could be Sunday morning, AND the door could have crashed down on 'Babe', AND the repairman can't come before Thursday! Now that would have MADE ME 100% UGLY!

I think I've mentioned before hubby is no handyman in the area of electrical, or mechanical. He can do a little carpentry, like replace a wood slat in the fence with his electric drill and a dozen screws. But some things just escape him. I don't mean to 'rag on' my darling, but here's most recent example; The small hand flashlight he keeps in his truck stopped working...no light.

He changes two "D" cell batteries....still wouldn't light. Must be the bulb. Drives 5 miles to his favorite shop, "LOWE'S", buys package of bulbs, drives back home.....still no light. Now frustrated and aggravated, he voices his woes to me.
"May I see it?", I ask. He hands it to me and walks away. I unscrew the end to remove batteries, and immediately notice they are not installed "negative to positive", but "negative to negative", I switched one, slip them back in, screwed end back on, then in my usual wifey way, make a big deal of banging it against my hand and it lighted. I give it back to him and say "it's o.k. now".

His puzzled look is priceless and keeps him thinking I have do "the magic touch". Father's Day is coming up and I think one of those windup flashlight would be a neat gift. He's good at cranking.....

~~~~~~~~Today's lunch: Salmon salad w/black olives and sweet potato fries

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