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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Do I Look Like I Compete With A Rock??

I've always insisted we stay home (off the freeways) on Memorial Weekend. We use to have huge weekend crowds at our other place for swimming, BBQ, and cold beer. It was nothing to have a dozen or so weekend guest sleeping either in the house, our motorhome, or the guest house. I think 105 was the most we had on one day, but then half were too drunk to drive so we kept them for 2-3 days...haha

This coming weekend was no different, we would stay home. That was my plan. But.....

...hubby and his relatives have put the pressure on me to drive to Dallas on Friday and stay until Tuesday, avoiding the traffic. It's a mini-family reunion, sort of. So I gave in after the fourth one phoned pleading to relent and bring hubby for the weekend. They hatched it up for all to call and put the "guilt" on me for withholding our company.....haha My one crazy BIL, said he's having withdrawal symptoms from missing us so much.
At least I won't be doing much cooking alone.

Our great-grandson is 'graduating' third grade this week. I don't remember graduating until 12th grade. Guess this something the schools do to boost morale?

We spent the early hours this morning shuffling boxes around in the garage and sweeping out dead bugs. We have a truck load of 'crap' to put on the curb Thursday's trash pickup.

I get so amused at hubby. He'll toss so many things, but will argue to keep a set of jumper cables we found in the bottom of one of the boxes. I finally won and they're really history now when I reminded him we haven't seen or needed them in 11 years.

He was also shocked to find how many flat-blade screwdrivers he has, after gathering them all together. Even my auto mechanic dad didn't have 75!! Maybe 75 including Phillips and special sizes too.
Some of these should be trashed, hubby doesn't bother with oiling anything, but he will bundle a few for our garage sale (we will have one this year, he promises). He'll keep a total of 20 of all kinds.
And he's willing giving up on the electric edger and leaf blower that he never uses. I reminded him they aren't antiques yet, so sell them!
Wish I could video occasions like this. Someday I might be able to post on YouTube under comedies or sell it to America's Funniest Videos.
Time now to go beat two chicken breasts and slaughter a salad. Early dinner tonight, 'cause I'm pooped from all the fun I've had today.

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Call Me Grandma said...

Have fun and drive careful!

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