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Monday, May 31, 2010

Honoring All Fallen Heros Today!

In honor of all our fallen military, law enforcement, fire fighters, on this Memorial Day, I was planning to post, once again, something about men in both our families that were military.....UNTIL I found this video from here: My favorite 5 movies embedded into one huge battle. Battling for FREEDOM.

Be sure to TURN UP the sound and ENLARGE the screen for the FULL EFFECT.

I would also suggest to you to pass this video on to any wussie liberal, you may know just to drive them crazy. And be sure to follow the link and read Susannah's entire post about Hero movies. (she's the kind of woman I admire).

Then to add to that, I want to share this today. I have it framed on the wall above my desk as a warning to any that enter my space just who I am.
I owe you no apologies, nor will I accept those apologies made for me by others.
If you dislike me - you dislike me not for what I am, but for what you are not.
By my own sweat, I have created a lifestyle which I desire for all people.
To the world, I have shared my wealth, and given my blood, not because
of obligation, but by my free will. I have fed the hungry of the world. Many bit my hand; I used the other hand.
I defeated my enemies in battle, then pulled them up from the ashes of defeat.
Though I am strong, I have never used my strength to rule others.
But do not misjudge me, I will not allow the fear of my own
strength to become my weakness.
If you wish to rise, I will give you a helping hand.
But by the Grace of God, and I'll first be damned, if I let you dreg
me down so that we may be equal. - D. Ault

Then next to it, hangs the oath of Knights, and I like it too.

"Be without fear in the face of your enemies. Be brave and upright so that God may love you. Speak the truth always - even if it leads to your death. Safeguard the helpless and do no wrong. Now rise a Knight."
Now to all "Stay sharp and remember,

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